Therapy Services

Therapy Services Provided at the Park

Therapy services are provided for all the special needs children between the age group 2-15 years with free consultation.
Many children have been benefitted from these therapies who had different problems like cerebral palsy,
Down’s syndrome, muscular weakness, Autism, ADHD, ADD and also children with multiple disabilities.
Regular counseling sessions are conducted for parents of special needs children along with home exercise schedule.
Along with services, Information about the government schemes and programs for special needs children is given to the parents.

Speech Therapy

Speech therapy is administered by speech therapist to the clients with speech problems and with different disabilities like Down’s syndrome, hearing impairment, autism etc.

Audiology Testing

The audiology testing is done by audiologist, who checks the hearing capacity of the child and takes the complete assessment of the children with hearing problems or speech delay before starting the speech therapy.


Physiotherapy services are provided to patients with different problems like cerebral palsy, Down’s syndrome, muscular weakness, muscle and joint disorders and children with multiple disabilities.

Special Education

Special education classes are conducted by special educator. Goals are set for each individual based on his/her functional level and learning skills and after that the special classes are taken with 1:1 ratio so that the child can learn better.

Psychological Testing and Behavior modification Therapy

The Intelligence Quotient (IQ) Testing is done by psychologist. After checking their intelligence level, full history of the child is taken from the parent, and then assessment is done, followed by behavior modification therapy to improve the child’s condition.